DVD-RAM Editing


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Can anyone please recommend some PC software that will enable me to edit DVD-RAM discs containing TV recordings. I just want a very basic, simple, idiot-proof package, with no bells or whistles that I can use to edit out advertisements etc.


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What recorded the RAM disc?

My Panasonic E55 lets me edit the disc before transferring to my PC. I then use Nero Vision Express to write to DVD.



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MPEG2VCR can't be bettered for cutting out ads and trimming TV progs recorded in MPEG2 http://www.womble.com/. It doesn't matter what medium is used. If you just make clean cuts without doing anything else it is very fast as it uses smart recoding.

Of course, your PC must have a DVD drive that reads RAM disks. If it doesn't then get an LG4163 or whatever the current version is. They're cheap and you can also write RAM disks on your PC. LG drives write and read all DVD formats.

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