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Jan 7, 2004
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Apologies if this has been answered/posted elsewhere but I have done a search and can't find the answer.

I have just purchased a Philips DVD-R70 and need to know the best setup for connecting the following to it, so that I can record from TV, Sky and video (home recordings)

TV - 2 scarts
Video - 2 scarts
Sky - 2 scarts
and if possible (but not important)
DVD player - single scart

I have followed the instructions in the manual but the picture quality, especially from Sky isn't great.

A suitable setup for the equipment you list is (provided your willing to invest in a 2 into 1 scart socket):

Sky TV Out > DVD Recorder > 2into1 > TV AV1
DVD Player Out > 2into1 > TV AV1
Sky VCR Out > VCR > TV AV2

An example of the 2 into 1 scart socket such is:

This setup would allow you to watch Sky, DVD Recorder or your DVD player in RGB (so make sure you've set RGB in all the settings).

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