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Can someone simply explain the difference between these? Specifically, I am interested in buying a new DVD player (Yamaha 520) but it seems that it is DVD-R and DVD-RW compatible but not DVD+R. This may be an issue as ultimately I may want to make my own DVDs on PC from Mini DV. At the moment I just make VCDs as I don't have a DVD writer yet. Do the formats relate to the difference between burning on PC vs using DVD writers that attach to home cinema gear?


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There are currently three competing DVD recording formats which are DVD+R(W), DVD-R(W) and DVD-RAM. The same formats are used by DVD recorders as by DVD burner drives for your PC allthough DVD-RAM drives are by far the most common for the PC because they're much faster.

I don't know what the technical differences are but see here for an explanation (probably biased in favour of +RW):

Other than that, -RW and RAM are both supported by the DVD Forum whereas +RW is not - it was created by the 'DVD+RW Alliance' of which Yamaha is a member so I'd be very surprised if a Yamaha player couldn't read +RW discs. In fact, the compatability list on the dvdplusrw.org site says the 520 is +RW compatible.

Anyway, of the current DVD recorders available (in Europe) they break down like this in terms of format:

Philips: +R(W)
Panasonic: -RAM and -R
Pioneer: -R(W)

The only Pioneer model is ancient and costs a fortune (£1200) so the real war in the high street is really between the Philips DVDR range which use +R(W) (some of which are as cheap as £4-500) and the Panny DMR-E30 which uses DVD-RAM. On a purely subjective basis I'd say that Philips (and hence +RW) is currently winning the battle hands down. I have a Philips DVDR 890 though (which I'm extremely happy with) so I would say that :D



dood, what you need to know is that DVD-R/RW is clear out in front when it comes to PC DVD writers. DVD-RAM is most definately not the most popular when it comes to PC's. I was an early adopter of DVD-R with Pioneers A03 drive for my PC for creating dvd's from my own videos.

As Michael said DVD+R/RW is not approved by the DVD-Forum and all players produced now have to be DVD-R/RW compatible to be able to display the DVD-Video logo on them. So at the moment DVD-R is miles in front there are way more PC DVD writers out there than set top boxes.

Personally I wouldn't touch DVD+R/RW if you want to create DVD's from your PC.



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I wouldn't get too worried about the DVD-Forum thing. In many ways it means nothing. DVD players don't have to support either format to display the DVD-Video logo on them. And in any case existing player support for DVD+RW is at least as good as for DVD-RW (if not better). Let's not forget that DVD-RAM belongs to the forum and only a handful of Panasonic players will read that.

DVD+RW has many backers, including all the members of the DVD+RW Alliance: Philips, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Yamaha, Ricoh and Mitsubishi/Verbatim, Thomson/RCA and Dell. They created the +RW format because they saw serious deficiencies in both -RW and -RAM. They also create +RW to be compatible with existing players from the ground up.

In terms of home DVD recorder sales I would say that +RW models (mainly Philips) are far outselling the rest and any format backed by Philips and Sony (like the original CD format) has serious clout.

Membership of the DVD-Forum really means nothing if +RW becomes the standard for home DVD recorders.

And going back to the question, there are plenty of +RW PC drives around and creating your own DVDs on +RW or -RW is probably equally easy allthough I would say that +RW has some technical advantages (see here).



I have a Pioneer DVR-A03 burner and for me the crucial thing is the cost of the blank media

DVD-R is way, way cheaper than DVD+R

The cheapest DVD+R I have seen is about £3, whereas DVD-R is 50p.

If I was buying a home machine it would have to have DVD-R

But things are changing
Sony are about to release a drive that does
4x DVD-R
2.4x DVD+RW
2.4x DVD+R

more info on my site>

Interest in this drive is way more than the Philips or Pioneer (Even their new 4x A05 drive)

I just can't wait until sony release there combo home machine with built in HDD (Whoops did I say that out loud)
Did I just post a picture of it, OMG am so n0rty with all this info hehehehheeh

Still Pioneer have a nice machine hopefully coming out soon with a built in 80GB HDD too>


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The price of blank media is the one issue where I conceed that +RW is at a disadvantage. However, even in the last couple of months the prices of +RW and +R blanks has fallen considerably and the popularity of the Philips DVDR machines will only continue that trend.


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