DVD+R & VCD compatability with Toshiba SD330E?



Hi all,
first post, so go easy on me!!!

I was thinking of getting a Toshiba SD330E but understand that it may also have problems with DVD+R/RWs as Toshiba doesn't support the DVD+R format. I have read that the SD330E can play +Rs but compatability depents on the media and recorder. Is this true? I also read that it doesn't support VCDs and XVCDs. is this true?
I'm really tempted by this player's picture quality, but I need my player to play DVD+R/RWs and VCD/XVCDs.
Which player has the best picture quality and is compatible with my criteria (in the <£100 price bracket).
Any recomendations would be greately appreciated.


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Newbie myself!

Just bought a Toshiba 330 to replace my pioneer 454

(Paid 59.99 for MR plus free SCART)

... Not sure if I can post web add of site here ...

Fantastic picture quality

and sound also much better than my old pioneer

Drew C

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I've got an old Tosh 2109 and have no problems playing dvd+rw's.
The thing you have to remember to do change the 'book type' of the disc from dvdrw to dvdrom after recording your disc.
This can be done with Nero, although your burner might have to be compatible with book type changing aswell.


Thanks for the quick responses.
What is book type? How does it affect compatability between recorders/recorded media and players?
My DVD+R/RW drive can only record +R/RW media, not -R/RW.

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