"DVD-R Rec for High Speed mode" Option (Yes/No)

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    Trying to create seamless chapters on a recording (see the TP2K thread "How do I create (seamless) chapters on a Panasonic HS2?") on my DMR-E100 I've tried both Divide and Play Lists and both introduce a delay.

    However, in the Finalize chapter of the manual (page 38) I found "When dubbed in High Speed mode, markers and scene segments (play lists) are treated as chapter cutoff points".

    So I tried inserting markers to see if this caused a similar delay and found that high speed wasn't an option for my dub as I had the "DVD-R Rec for High Speed mode" option set to Off.

    And so my question: Having this option implies advantages in either case. So what is the advantage in having this setting to Off?


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