DVD R media - recommendations please

Richard H

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can anyone recommend please:lease:

1.a good quality disc for backing up/archiving my photos and old stuff off the video cam. I'm looking for something that is a reasonable price but, more importantly, will last.

2. a decent quality "everyday" disc where longevity is less important

I'm talking low volume here

I have used SVP in the past with no problems

many thanks


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Nobody can tell you about the longevity of their discs, unless they've had em for years and lost data, by which time those discs will have almost certainly have been superceded ;)


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vertabain :thumbsup: or any Branded Disc .. only one make i have had trouble with was Traxdata only recent though . last batch were spot on ..

Theydon Bois

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I have been using a mixture of TDK and Sony media for a long while now. The + or - sign is missing from the thread title though. I use +R media for reference.


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Only two options worth considering Verbatims MCC04 media code disks, Or Taiyo Yuden disks.

Taiyo Yuden are regarded as the crem de la crem of media.

DVD+R is very slightly more reliable than -R, there is a very complex article explaining why.

Cheap Dye media is largely dependend on your burner, some burners like some media codes over others. Just avoid Princo like the plague and Ritek seems to have now become unreliable.


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i have a nice trick when buying Media , if you look at discs on side when all bunched up crap disc's have imperfections and good discs have none .. applying this every time if at show ect works very well ..:)


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to be honest think 3 to 4 year cycle

burn 10 CD's
3 years later
Burn them to 2 DVDR's
3 years later
Burn them to 1 BluRay

This data "decanting" willm keep the media size smaller and you can keep the phyiscal media fresh - one thing to consider if you havent already, make a 2nd copy of the really important stuff and keep it at a friends/parents/office as one small fire at home and its all gone.


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Verbatim Or TDK, their dyes are the best & durability is excellent

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