DVD-R/HDD/Freeview for use with Sky (not plus)




Is there any DVD-R/HDD box with internal DVB-T (Freeview) tuner available in the UK that is suitable for use with a Sky (not Sky+) box and a bog standard TV CRT (RGB SCART, no FV tuner)?

Basically, I want a "poor-man's Sky+", allowing record-while-watch-something else, as long as one of the channels is also available on FV.

The DVD-R/HDD/FV box needs to:

1) Be able to record from RGB input (from Sky)
2) Be able to record from RGB input while playing from HDD
3) Be able to record from RGB input while watching FV from internal tuner
4) Be able to record from FV while watching "pass-through" RGB from Sky
[admittedly I could get around this with a SCART distribution box]
5) Have Guide+ and FV EPGs (and be able to record/timer record) from them
6) Normal "play from HDD while record" (same or different file) whether recording from internal tuner or

After a rather depressing trip around various AV stores today, I was told that the Panny EX75/85 can't do (3), while the Sony 560/860/710 miss on (5). The JVC RD85DT misses 1-3 as it has no RGB input. I've looked at the manuals online for Sony, Panny, Pioneer 540, Philips 7250, but they don't really make it clear either way.

There must be a box that does this, surely -- I am willing to accept no MR, only 80GB, no DVD+R DL support, no progressive scan/component/HDMI outputs and no I-Link/1394/FW input if necessary to get the basic functionality.

Has anybody, anywhere seen/got/heard of a suitable device?



I know its rude to reply to your own posts, but...

According to a post on digitalspy PVR forum (http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/showpost.php?p=10376525&postcount=14):

The Pioneer 440/540 (like the Panasonic EX75/85) don't support "watch FV while recording from SCART" -- but the Sony 710 does.

Unfortunately, the Sony 710 doesn't seem to have Guide+ EPG (just a FV EPG) -- this is what I was told in a Sony Centre, and the manual at http://pdf.crse.com/manuals/2636511113.pdf doesn't mention Guide+ at all either -- so it can't control a Sky box.... (the 525/725 non-FV models do have Guide+, of course).

The 710 was deleted this month; does anyone know if the new Sony freeview models have the same facility to watch FV while recording SCART, and whether they have Guide+ as well as the FV EPG.

I think the 560 80GB model is the only one out so far, with the 860 160GB model coming next month. [John Lewis told me the new model was 750, but I can't find any other reference to that on the web; they were probably just confused].

Failing that, has anyone found an online manual for the Sony 560/860? The 560 product page at http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProduct.action?product=RDR-HXD560&site=odw_en_GB&pageType=Overview&category=DVD+Recorder just says "Advanced EPG" :), and there's no 560 manual available from http://support.sony-europe.com/manuals/manuals.asp?l=en&c=

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Mishad (and everyone else - my first post!)
I can't help you but i have almost identical requirements, anybody help us?
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