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Apr 16, 2002
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Hi everybody, does anybody know a way of copying a dvd-r with all the title information on it ?. I'm using the Panasonic DMR-20, I have tried by just doing a straight copy but when finalized I just get one title and no info other than the date and time and on the same subject if you copy a dvd film will its information be copied, in other words be exactly the same as the orginal .
The E20 will only do a mirror copy (like a VCR would). the menus etc will not be preserved. The only way to do that is to make copies from a master tape as in commercial productions.

For the home user I guess you would have to burn an image file to your PC hard disc, and then make multiple copies from that - if you have the technology.

To make multiple chapters which are selectable from the main menu using the E20, you have to stop the recording at each point where you want a chapter, then re-start the recording. The E20 sees this as a new recording and gives it a new line on the menu. When you finalise the disc it will assign the usual 5 minute chapter points but these are not selectable from the menu, only from the remote.
Thanks philipb, I have done it that way but the problem that I have is, that you sit down and do 2 hours work and then finalize to find that it starts to stutter and to me the disc has failed. Whats the latest on good dvd-r discs with a good return and low failure . I have only used Traxdata and Datasafe so far and I'm getting about 50/50 so far
no the E-20 cannot do that, it cannot make digital copies.

What you are actually doing is making analogue copies of the original dvd. What you are wanting to do is to make a digital copy of the disc.

You maybe better off with your PC and a PC based burner in that case and a decent sized H/D.

As for discs, try FWS they are the best by far for the E20.;)

That's a poor rate for what should be reliable makes. Traxdata is not rubbish. I've had very good results with Bulkpaq which are real cheapies.

Not the cheapest but I've had 100% success with Verbatim. Should be available for about £3 each
Some E20s won't record to datasafe. I have had 100% failure with that brand regardless of disc generation. Others I know have little problem.

I have only tried one traxdata disk and it recorded ok. But when I later tried to add material to the disc the E20 would not read the disc on the first attempt but did on the second. It has finalized ok but I think I will give traxdata a miss as far as my machine is concerned.

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