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    Hi there,

    I'm totally new to this but have found these forums to be incredibly useful (esp. Rasczak :thumbsup: ). I had bought a Philips HDRW720 but took it back after reading the reliability issues (I hadn't even tried it but it was a birthday pressie not to be opened till the big day, & I had to take advantage of the 7day Currys return policy)

    I wanted something with Sky+ functionality without the tax to Murdoch. The HDRW seemed to offer this but if it breaks all the time then not for me!

    So what I've asked Mrs Me for is a Technisat Digicorder T1, which will perfrom Sky+ using Freeview and Topup TV. It lacks MHEG (not sure of spelling) so I won't be able to use the interactive red button, but this is not an issue (I'll be keeping my old sky box anyway to watch the FTA channels while recording on the T1)

    I've found out that my lovely inlaws have bought me an amp (Yamaha RXV350) & I'll sort out the speakers (probably Yamaha NSP100) but what I need to know (or rather what my missus needs to know) is:

    Which DVD recorder do I go for? If the Technisat box doesn't perform well, I'll send it back immediately (I'm allowed to try it before the big day so I can take advantage of the 2week change your mind clause) & get either the Toshiba RDXS32 or JVC MHR30 as these both have setellite control, hard disks & RGB in/out.

    However, if the T1 is good I don't know which one to get! I've more or less decided on the Panasonic E55, but was worried about the following features:
    - automatic chaptering on DVD-R. Does this mean the DVD-R will forget where a program starts & finishes, or is that to do with the titles? So if I record 4 episodes of friends, will it keep the titles for the episodes, with automatic chapters as well?
    - recording in 4:3 - does this mean I'll loose the widescreen "edges" or will it retain all the info and just reformat it as 4:3 (in which case I believe my sony 32" CRT will autoformat anyway)?
    - will I be able to transfer my video cassettes onto DVD without worrying about copy protection?
    - is it any good for very basic analogue camcorder editing?

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide - and please feel free to comment on any other aspect of the setup...

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