DVD-R blank media prices crashing massively. Why?


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Over last 6 weeks or so, the price of DVD-R media has been absolutely crashing through the floor.

25 Datawrite Yellows (x4) have dropped from around £18 to less than £11.
25 Bulpaq orange (x4) are now less than a tenner.
25 Datawrite Red v2 (okay they aren't the greatest disc, but if they work for you, they work) have gone from around £18 to £7.99!!!
Ritek's are also massively more affordable.

Why all of sudden? Would discs bought now be of lower quality than those bought say ..3 months ago?
I've just bought a mix of 75 discs, and its cost me a little over £30!


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Demand is driving down prices. They will go alot lower before the year is out.


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Same thing happened early on with blank CDs.

Believe it or not, the first CD-RW disc I bought (Hewlett-Packard 2x speed) cost GBP14.75. For one.


Same with everything,leave it long enough and it gets cheaper.


Could it be related to the plummeting dollar exchange rate?

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