DVD Profiler problems


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HI all.

Since upgrading to the latest paid version of DVD profiler I have found that every time I enter the UPC number on the back of a DVD to input it into my collection, it never recognizes it. I have even tried putting the number of DVDs all ready in the collection , to see if that works and it always comes up number not recognized.
I can get it to work if I type the title of the DVD and bring up a list to choose from, but I was wondering if anyone had the same problem , or if any one know what I might be doing wrong?




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I just randomly picked a disc - zulu collectors edition (happended to be the last updated so was on screen) and it picked it up fine.

upc was 5-014437-808639. Try that and see if it works. If not then try updating the database and see if it works.


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Apologies if I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs but in this verision you need to type in all the numbers, in the older version you missed off the first and sometimes the last ones.

To use Grahams example above 5-014437-808639, in the old version you wouldn't need to type in the initial 5.

The only times I've not had UPC numbers recognised is when the disc in question isn't listed at all and I need to enter it.


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I've not entered any new discs in since I upgraded to the new profile - been waiting to buy HD stuff so have curtailed my SD-DVD purchases :), but now that you mention it I never typed in the first digit in the old version. Confused the hell out of me because my music collector program wanted it :rolleyes:

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