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Oct 22, 2002
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Worcester UK
Anyone else having problems getting DVD Profiler to connect to the internet database. :confused: Probably start working in a minute just to make me look daft:D
Same here mate
Doh...The Online section to connect to the IVS Main Site and the DVD Profiler page come up with 'Page Cannot Be Displayed'. :(. Just have to keep tryin'.
Cant even get on to the website at the moment


Hope its nothing too drastic

Ive been trying to download my collection for over a week with no luck.
Still no joy, but www.intervocative.com is coming up with the following message:

Temporarily Unavailable
DVDProfiler.com is temporarily unavailable as we perform routine maintenance. Please check back in a few minutes.

Seems like a just a short term problem.:clap:
Hope this is not permanent.

Dont want to have to enter all the DVD info again on another data base

Does any one have any info whats going on ?

I just upgraded to the registered version with the high detail covers last week. Sods bl**dy law me forking out for something that's just gone tits up:(
Originally posted by Hawklord
I just upgraded to the registered version with the high detail covers last week. Sods bl**dy law me forking out for something that's just gone tits up:(

Me too :suicide:
Squirrel God (remember him) has found a post on HTF

Thanks for your concern. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it's not bankruptcy - IVS as a company is alive and well. The bad news is that it's not the NYT article - just incredibly bad timing for a hardware failure. Couple this with a comedy of errors involving our servers and ISPs, and we have the downtime as a result. I had held off responding, hoping to have a resolution timeframe to post, but unfortunately, I still don't have confidence enough to make any specific promises.

We will be back up as soon as physically possible - both of our ISPs are working on the issues, including bringing an entirely new server online and copying the data across. With the sheer volume of data we host, it is not a quick process under the best of conditions...

Thanks for your patience.

now, what article in New York Times?
I'm struggling as well, thought it was something I had done. anyone know how to get this data into access, without typing it all out again?
As it looks like the dvdprofiler online bit is going to be down for a while, is there a way to enter titles offline, i.e. put all the info and cover scans in yourself?

However I try to add one - UPC or title - it always seems to want to go online. I know it's an online based thing, but surely there must be some way round it. The titles to add are starting to mount up:(
I can't enter any of my new ones either :( :mad:

I don't see how you wouldbe able to do it offline as it needs to download the profiles and images...
I think I was hoping it might do the same sort of thing that happens when you enter a UPC of a new title that isn't in the database. When a new UPC is entered, it says "unknown" and prompts you to enter all the info yourself.

If I enter a UPC of a existing title, even though it wont connect it still pops up with the title and tries to download the profile.....I wonder if deleting the database stored in the DVDProfiler directory would exhibit an "unknown" UPC and prompt you to enter all the info yourself:confused:
what has happened to Squirral God is more worrying ?

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