DVD players with CD-Text support?


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Jun 16, 2002
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I'm on the verge of buying a new DVD player. :) Ideally, I'd like for it to replace both my ageing Samsung 807 DVD player and my even older CD player. I've narrowed down my shortlist to the following two machine:

- Sony DVP-NS905V
- Pioneer DV-656A

What I would like the machine to have is the following:

- DD/DTS digital out.
- VideoCD / MP3 / CD-R / SACD playback.
- CD-Text support.
- Fast mechanism. (The Samsung is really slow at searching and navigating through a disc.)
- Good at coping with scratched discs. (eg. from video library. Again the Samsung is really bad at this.)

The Pioneer is the machine I really want as it fulfils most of my requirements and also includes DVD-Audio support. However, it doesn't appear to have CD-Text support which I would really like to have. Can anyone confirm if this or any other Pioneer DVD player has CD-Text support?

The alternative would be to go for the Sony and forget about DVD-Audio. The general opinion from magazines is that SACD is winning the SACD v DVD-Audio battle. What do people think?

Also, if anyone has an other suggestions I'd be very interested to hear them. :)


I have a Sony DVP900V and it is an excellent player. It seems the 905V adds MP3 and 108Mhz video!!!

The only problem is that the CD text is not full CD text. On sony players it will read the title of the CD/DVD (DVD text) but not the track names (it may be different with the 905V)

I think this is silly as most CD's with text is from Sony.

I can also say that SACD is also excellent. I haven't tried DVD A.
That's disappointing, I didn't realise there were different levels of CD-Text support. :-(

Does anyone know of any DVD players that provide 'full' CD-Text support (ie. track names as well)?


I just put in a CD with text in the player just to check and sure enough it reads the title of the CD but that's it.

I used to have a marantz CD player with full CD text and I was a bit disappointed that the Sony player couldn't read them properly.
I have a Toshiba 210e and that reads the CD Track titles. I don't know if the 220 does, but it could be worth checking out!



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