dvd players that play mp3s



how do some dvd players play mp3s? does that mean record mp3s onto a cd and then it'll play them back through the dvd? if so that sounds cool as ill prob use it for my cd player too then as i plan to get myself the kep thx speakers hopefully! (some day i wish anyway:D )
what dvd players have this ability?
it sounds like a great idea all my cd collection on one disc almost :cool:


preferably a dvd recorder that has this ability as well as dts es dolby ex etc etc
a top ****** dvd recorder that can play mp3s :)


I use an LG4750 for mp3's. It plays the mp3s well and you can usually fit around 8-9 hours of music onto one CD.

Don't expect top quality though, its good but it ain't that good!!!

My suggestion would be to think of it as a convenience rather than a necessity. It's good for parties, you don't have to change the discs and you can make your own compilations. :cool:


Squirrel God

The quality of MP3s depends on the bitrate. The higher bitrate you encode to, the better it will sound. Most people look to stuff too many MP3s on a single disk and thus go for a bitrate like 96, 128 or 160 Kbps - sounds bad. You need higher if you want CD-like quality.

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