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I have a Panasonic DVD player and will be moving to the US. I know the regions are different and want to know whether I can take it with me to the US. Will it work in the US? It's the Multi-region DVD-XV10 super slimline with silver front (very cute:blush: ).


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Hi travel8102

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hey travel.
Well if your player in multiregion you won't have to worrie about disc regions. i.e. 1,2,3
You may have to buy a power tranformer as they have a different votage
and you should check if the player outputs ntsc and if it does pal to ntsc conversion so you can watch your pal dvd's on a us telly.
It will tell you this in the manual.

So if it outputs NTSC you will be able to watch Us dvd's on a us telly.
If it does Ntsc to pal conversion and not stand alone NTSC you can't
If it does Pal to NTSC the you can watch us and uk dvd on a us telly.
And if it does Both Pal And NTSC you can do it all.

hope that helps.
Sorry if i waffeled on a bit!


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Most likely it'll play back raw ntsc for ntsc discs but less likely is the PAL to ntsc conversion.
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