DVD Player with Progressive scan (and thus componment out)


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Hi all.

I realise that the question is not necessary Plasma orientated, but......

I have a Pioneer 717 player ~almost 4 yers old but in very good condition.

WOuld I be better of not purchasing JS's RGB to componment gadget, selling the 717, and using the funds buying a DVD player with progressive scan?

If so, what modeels are on the market. I appreciate that I need to do a search ( in the review section of HCC would be a good astart) but I would be welcome of any feedback & suggestions.



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That's exactly what I did recently, decided to upgrade my DVD player rather than getting an RGB to component converter.

The problem for most (who play PAL and NTSC discs) is, getting a DVD player in this country that supports PAL and NTSC progressive scan. Most will only support NTSC prog scan due to issues with the PAL standards group etc. Some DVD players are hackable though to support both.

In the end I got the Philips Q50 from Hivizone.com which supports PAL/NTSC prog scan as well as the normal all-region stuff. They are based in Hong Kong but very reliable. Just remember you have to factor in paying import duty (on player AND delivery) and then VAT on top of the whole lot (plus a courier customs handling fee). To give you an idea, I had to pay £83.29 on top of the hivizone price when it arrived in the uk.

Picture quality is very very good but the firmware still seems to have a few bugs in it - no problems for normal use though.

They do other including the Philips DVD-963SA which supports SACD. Undoubtably better than the Q50 (but at a price).


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So Codlord, we can not buy that Philips (the good old Dutch company) in Europe? I have some contacts in that company, so I could ask the question if anyone wants to know :)



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You can buy the Q50 in UK or Europe but it does not have the Faroudja DCDi chip and does not support progressive scan - therefore it is not really the same player as the version sold by hivizone.


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Just done a few quick searches. Many sites dont list progressive scan/componemnt out put as features, so one has to search through the lists.

Most Toshiba's DVD players support componment, but whether the picture quality would match that of my 717, Im not sure. Also, PAL progressive scan is not listed.

A DVD modifying company offer the Pioneer 747 with various additions, , including PAL Progressive scan, but it aint cheap. I'd rather pay the extra ~£50 and purchase the ARcam DV88 Player at ~£900 which is PAl progressive compatable, and is upgradeable via the serial port.

WEllI wont be able to afford it for a few months, but I shall bear it in mind.



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You could import/buy a US Xbox and get it chipped. Prolly cost you £150 quid all in and you can play games on it :)


pete v

I purchased a Denon 3800 which is both pal and ntsc. Very pleased and well worth the extra from the 2800. I was told the 2800 will be able to be altered to run pal prog soon, may be worth checking to see if its out yet


or you could buy the
Philips 1000 mk11 DVD recorder which is just about to hit the streets P/Scan PAL & NTSC

And more to the point a VGA output and component, and whats even better is the fact that it will do P/Scan thru both VGA and Component

and as far as I can gather you can loop your sky box thru it as well, which makes this machine look like a Plasma owners dream.

as far as most of the feedback on the current Philips recorders it Looks like this is what I,ll be buying (bar any major hiccups)


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Are you sure this dvd recorder exists? If so where can I get one?



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In defence of my converter, if you have it, you've always got it. So you can use it with digital TV as well. But if you've two component sources, you'll need to have a A/V amplifier which switches component video. It's quite a valid way to connect everything up.

If you are thinking of upgrading your DVD player, then yes, please consider one that has progressive video output. Good ones are still rare and as Gordon (Convergent AV) states in another thread, better to opt for a good quality standard player than a poor progressive one.

Once you do go down the route of a progressive scan DVD player, you will have to consider how to connect up digital TV too. Digital TV can go into the PC input (VGA) via the RGB to Plasma VGA unit.

A typical progressive system would be:
Video in to the composite video input.
Progressive DVD player in to the YUV (Component) video input.
Digital TV (On/Sky/Cable) in to the VGA connector via a RGB to Plasma VGA unit.

This would use the inputs on your screen to their best, and gives the best possible interface for each source.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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