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Jan 24, 2005
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Hi Guys, I know there are a million and one threads asking your advice on DVD players and I apologise for adding another one but I'm a bit stuck.

I used to read the forums every day and was quite well clued up on the latest models but I've been so busy for a while that I'm well out of touch!
I'm in the market for a DVD player to feed my plasma through the DVI input. I've looked at a few players but the majority seem to be HDMI now - eg Samsung HD950. I know I can use the HDMI-DVI cable (assuming HDCP compliance) to connect to the telly but as I have a 12.5m DVI cable extension between the two and the new cable would be about 1m long so I'm gonna be 11.5m short!! Last time I looked there was no way to connect the two cables together so I'm presuming I need a player with DVI out. I know that one of the older Samsung Upscalers had DVI and HDMI but I can't find a new model with this feature. The Momitsu player apparently does this but I don't know a huge amount about them and, let's face it, they're bloody ugly looking things.
I'd really just like someone's ideas and opinions about which would be best. I've only got a skinny budget of 100-200 and preferably towards the 100 end of the scale at that. Any thoroughly happy Momitsu guys out there? Is there a Sammy with DVI? Can I get a DVI 'joint'?...

Cheers in advance.

You can get a HDMI to DVI adapter quite cheaply. But the Oppo has DVI and is a cracking player...PJ
I have the Cambridge DVD79 but the 1080i mode doesn't work well (the 720p mode is great though) and also lipsync issues were reported by other users.

The hardware is the same as the Oppo but Cambridge as not yet released any firmware update like Oppo did. So I'm waiting on Cambridge to see if they release such an update (since the PQ is great), otherwise I'll have to return it...
Cheers guys!

I have to admit I've never heard of Oppo but after a bit of googling I've been very impressed by the reviews I've read. I haven't seen a single bad review and even the few bad points I've read about either seem a little trivial or don't apply to me (Small buttons, no backlight on remote, flimsy tray, no progressive scan over component) and whilst it isn't the best looking machine on the planet, at least it's silver, which was one of the biggest minuses for the sammy. Anyway, there's now a £145 sized electronic chunk of my hard earned headed into their coffers. I'll letyou know how I get on as soon as it arrives. Hope it's soon 'cos now I'm dead excited!
:D :D :thumbsup: :D :D
bigfatsi said:
Anyway, there's now a £145 sized electronic chunk of my hard earned headed into their coffers. [/CENTER]

Did you order direct? If so you may get stung also for import tax / vat which will take it over the £170 mark. But even so I'm sure you'll be impressed - I was - and still am!...PJ :)
Yeah, I ordered from the States. I've just read the entire 23 page Oppo thread and half way through I saw references to VAT and Parcel Force charges. Bummer. Oh well. I'm sure it'll be worth it. At the moment I've got a Tosh 240E which is an absolutely appalling DVD player so I'm sure it'll be a good un. I've got excellent PQ through my HTPC (theatertek & ffdshow) but my missus hasn't a clue how to use it so if I can get a machine with good PQ, ease of use and that actually plays most discs (240E - grrrrrr) I'll be a happy bunny. Watch this space...
I've not found anything it doesn't play yet.

It will be interesting to see how it compares with your HTPC!...PJ

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