DVD player to go with Samsung SP47W3HF and a bit more



Having recently purchased an SD360E from amazon which was defective and will be sent back shortly, I am considering asking for a refund and getting another player. I can't really spend more than 75 on it and so I'm looking to do it right.

My requirements:
- Must be multi-region capable
- Must be able to connect with an amp (probably will be purchased soon)
- Must have HDMI (for when the TV set gets replaced)
- Basically the thing should be able to last at least a year or 2
- MP3 playback is also on this list (don't ask)

- DivX

For now it'll be hooked up via RGB SCART to a Samsung SP47W3HF DLP TV. I am intending to purchase it from amazon unless the deals truly are better elsewhere (please link).

So I hope I can get some good pointers. Having said that, if the plan goes south, I'll get back the SD360E


Judging from the lack of replies, I'm getting the feeling that the SD360E was and still is the best way to go?


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Judging from the lack of replies, I'm getting the feeling that the SD360E was and still is the best way to go?

You will find that people have their own preferences.
The Mags. don't agree on which is the best.
The Lg, Philips, Sony and Toshiba have all been rated highly, but with no consistancy.
One raves over a model and slates another, a second has the opposite opinion.
I have the Sony, and love it, but can't comment on the others because I haven't tried them.
Other than the fault, were you happy with the Toshiba? If so, get another.
You might not like the alternatives.


True. I like the player except for the fact that it can't do progressive over SCART and to be honest, the TV needs to be callibrated (I think so). That's my only real complaint but except that, it does have co-ax and seems like it'll do the job quite well.

Truth be told, it's because of the inconsistentency in the recommendations that I decided to try and factor in the TV as well. But ok, I need this player before X'mas so I'm gonna just get it replaced.

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