DVD player through Sky+ Connection

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by MCCURLEY, Apr 27, 2005.


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    I asked a question on this forum a couple of week ago about the possibility of using the VCR scart input for my dvd (all-in-one) player and therefore only require one scart socket to connect both sky+ and dvd player to my plasma screen.

    I have tried to make this connection and was having some problems.

    Basically my setup is as follows

    sky+ -> dvd (all-in-one system) via RCA phono

    DVD player -> vcr scart (RGB) Sky +
    SKY + -> output via Scart (RGB) -> Plasma

    The problem is that whenever I plug in the dvd player into the vcr scart it will display a picture for sky but no sound and whenever I unplug the dvd player from the vcr scart I get sound as expected but obviously no picture

    I was wondering if this could be a result of auto switching due to the scart? If the sound goes to the dvd player when there is no video feed to it and then when the scart is plugged into the sky box the dvd player switches the sky box to pass the signal through thus overwriting the sound that was being sent?

    I am really not sure

    If anyone has any idea I would be greatful for their help

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