DVD player - recommendation please


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I'm looking to replace my toshiba sd2010 which has serviced me well enough until now. I need a model which fulfills the following:

- is quiet enough to be unobtrusive
- connects to tv via hdmi
- displays to hd quality
- comes / can be hacked to be multi region

Looking to spend as little as possible. Any and all suggestions welcome.


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If I were you, I'd buy one of the cheaper Panasonic or Sony Blu-ray players.

You can buy them new for less than £100. GREAT at upscaling DVDs, and you will have the option of upgrading to proper HD without further expense.

Common sense really. The Sony Blu-ray players are usually easier to make Multi-region for DVD than the Panasonic however.

There is a "Sony Multi-region Bike thread" on this site that lets you borrow a remote which will convert virtually any Sony Blu-ray/DVD player, and you then post it onto the next person on the list. I did ALL my Sony gear using it!

Don't ask me to post a link to the thread, as I'm not PC Savvy enough to do it!

Good look on your purchase.


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I've just replaced a DVD player in the bedroom with a Philips 3200/05 Blu Ray player from Asda.

Cost £59.97, multiregion via enclosed remote, Youtube enabled via wifi, plays many formats from USB or disc.

I have to say, the picture is great.

Only downside is it's a bit picky about where the remote is pointed.

I con't understand why anyone would buy DVD players nowadays, but it's personal choice I suppose.

Incidentally I bought it with my Nationwide credit card so get an extra year's warranty.

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