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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Struan, Aug 24, 2002.

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    What would be your recommendation(s) for a sub-£200 DVD player which, as
    closely as possible, meets the following requirements:-

    1. Best possible picture quality.

    2. Good stereo sound (I am not interested in surround).

    3. 'Real' FF/REW picture search i.e. smooth, continuos search (as with
    VCR's) of, as a minimum, circa. 7x and 14 x normal playback speed.

    4. DVD-R compatibility (BTW, what is VR mode in a DVD-RW context?)

    5. Well laid out remote handset with easily operable/ sufficiently large
    buttons for the main transport controls i.e. play, stop, pictures search

    6. Svideo (preferably, but not essentially, through Scart) and RGB output.

    7. 'Pure' NTSC compatibility (I believe this is better than PAL60? - I could
    be talking ********, but I vaguely remember reading something about this -
    further/correct info. would be appreciated)

    8. Smooth/quiet, quick acting/responsive transport.

    9. Available in black.

    10. Bit rate indicator.

    Items 1- 7 are important, 8-10 would be nice, but not essential.

    Apologies if some of the above are obviously included on every machine known
    to man, but I'm fairly new to all of this!

    Finally, I notice that the Sony DVP-NS700, which used to be £400 (maybe even
    £500 ?) is now available at circa. £150 (R2) and £190 (Multi); What is the
    general opinion of this machine? How does it measure up to the above


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