DVD player recommendation £500 Max


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OK well my folks have been living with a Panasonic PT-AE700 for about a year now and have taken my advice to upgrade their dvd player (An old Aiwa hand-down from me)

Budget is £500 max.

NO DIVX, DVD-A, SACD performance is required, I'm looking for picture quality and audio out to the amp I installed that outputs DD, DTS.

All source material is 90% region 2, 10% region 1 (All original discs, no copies)

Player needs to be component or HDMI (Both inputs are available on the PJ)

I'm not 100% set on getting an upscaling player, the PJ seems to be able to do a pretty good job of scaling itself and there's a big part of me that says the money could be better spent on a rocksolid Prog Scan component player but i'd love to hear people's recommendations and opinions.

Only idea i've had so far is trying to find a 2nd hand Denon 2900.

Look forward to all your great ideas!:thumbsup:



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You don't mention region....

If you have a mostly R1/Region free collection, then gut the Toshiba HD-A1 :thumbsup: GREAT upscaling and its a HD-DVD player to boot :devil:

If you have a lot of R2 discs, then save your pennies for the UK release :D


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You missed it, I stated it's 90% R2 and 10% R1, I had thought about the Tosh but unfortunately as it's not multiregion it's no good:(


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How about a Denon 2910 if you can get hold of one. Creative Audio were selling them for £399.

Not sure how much the new 2930 is going to be which is out is September. prob around the £700 mark.


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hmmm the 2-2 cadence issues with the 2910 are a little worrying for a £600 player, by the looks of things the 2930 would be great but will probably be too much especially for an Standard Def player at this stage in the life of SD DVD

Maybe the 1930 would be an idea, the 1920 was not a bad player by any means and the 1930 could be great if Denon have learnt from their mistakes...

any other ideas anyone?


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Marantz 7600, simply awesome for both video and audio :thumbsup:

it is slightly over budget at £550 but if you are not in a rush a bargain could be had, or i think there is one for sale in the classifieds :D

imho nothing in the price range will better the marantz, i simply cannot fault it, apart from slight notice of chapter change on some discs :)

then again a newer firmware may be available...


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you mean a couple of years to get HD. can see it happening in 2006 in the UK

By the time they sort out all the technical problems I wouldn't expect to see anything decent until 2008

In the meantime I get 3 years usage of the Pioneer 989.


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I'm in the same boat, my Arcam DV79 will see me through until a player of similar quality with HD is available. I'd rather miss out on generation1 HD until all the gremlins are removed. Plus the picture on my Arcam is awesome:)


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You should be able to pick up a second hand Arcam 88 for that money. Since SACD is not on your list it is a great fill in till HD-DVD is stable in the UK. It will even give your 79 a run for its money over component.
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