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DVD Player play back is too fickle


I write this in the hope that someone who works on the servicing of dvd players, preferably in the UK, will respond bringing to bear their technical first hand experience:
I love dvd players, especially when they have the means to play Single Frame Backwards one step at a time. This is very rare in 2020.
I first got a Panasonic dvd player in 2006. It is still working beautifully today. Concerned that it might start to fail anytime soon I scouted around for a modern Standard Definition machine. I settled for a Sony, which has Single Frame Backwards! Unfortunately they do not make dvd players like they used to. My dvd discs are very clean yet todays dvd players refuse to play them all the way through without 'Freezing' or 'Stalling'; unlike my Panasonic which can!
I am wanting to know if there are any Std Def machines which have a guaranteed success rate for not failing the picture play back? Surely, in this day and age the boffins could come up with some kind of innovation to prevent Freezing and Skipping(?) If such an animal exists , do please tell me the make and model number?
Thank you.

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