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DVD Player / Plasma synergies (re: Scaling, PAL vs. NTSC etc)

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by RoughRider, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. RoughRider

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    May 17, 2004
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    My friend is the lucky owner (awaiting delivery) of a new Arcam DV78. I am trying to help her choose screens to look at.

    The real question is how much do the player's output resolutions matter when choosing a flat screen display? Are there synergies between say being able to output 480p (using a good internal de-interlacer in the player) to a screen that has 480 pixels of vertical resolution, and sending a signal at its native frequency (e.g. I think native NTSC is 60Hz?) ensuring you have a screen that can receive NTSC, etc?

    On this topic I can't seem to work out the definitive list of pictures the Arcam can output. I mean in terms of of number of lines (480/576/625/other?), interlaced / progressive, native PAL/NTSC or converted. Also, I can't be sure I know what its conversion capabilities are i.e. it obviously de-interlaces but does it do any scaling, is converting from NTSC to PAL optional?

    It would be nice to avoid pitfalls of buying a screen that cannot receive 625p only to find out the Arcam only de-interlaces to 625p (or whatever), all advice gratefully received,

    OR - is this basically irrelevant? I am pretty sure that converting from NTSC to PAL can cause unpleasantness but I have no idea about effects of various screen's inbuilt scaling. I am trusting the Arcam (Vaddis 5) to do a good job of most things but would like to know from this forum what it can do?


    P.S. what topic is this? I figure it goes in DVD players, Plasmas, Arcam, and progressive scan so gave up trying to decide and chose Arcam as that is the player she has

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