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Hey all, I have a quick couple of basic questions about DVD players, having decided on the Tosh SD220 multiregion which seems to be a good buy (120 quid on amazon. multiregion version).

My TV has a SCART socket which is all well and good, but i have some questions about set up. Firstly , just using the DVD and the telly, am i right in thinking the scart cable carries both the picture and sound to the TV ?

Secondly, I have a spare stereo analogue amp and pair of speakers lying around, so is it possible to connect the film's audio output from the DVD player straight into the amp so i can use my old speakers for stereo sound rather than the TV's speakers? or do i need an AV amp or something?



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(Like most/all DVD players) the Toshiba 220 does put sound out on the SCART connector so that your TV gets sound and picture.

You will get better audio pleasure though by using an external amp - like the one you already have or a new AV amp. The Toshiba has a pair of phono connectors just for that!

For optimal audio ecstasy (with DVD disks*) you might want to get an AV amp that can decode the Toshiba’s digital audio output into a full surround sound experience (DD5.1, DTS, etc.).
Oh! remember to turn the sound down on your TV if you use an external amp... ;)

* - sorry, that was bit of a half hearted comment. As you visit this forum more often, you will find that the CD capabilities of a DVD player may be better left to a dedicated CD player.


(120 quid on amazon. multiregion version).

Hello evilSimon. You might want to consider the Tosh from Richer Sounds as they will 'pricebeat' Amazon and currently do it for £109 incl. delivery. Cheers, Chris.


Thanks to you both!

Kevenh, cheers it's good to know my old separates can be put to good use, never having had a DVD player before I was unsure if they had analogue L/R outputs. I'm not a huge movie buff setting my old system up will be cool for watching my fave films downstairs. Re: your edited afterthought, I agree absolutely that the CD sound quality may be slightly poorer coming from a DVD player with a low spec DAC, which is why I'll continue using my Tag Mclaren kit upstairs as my main system! :D

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