DVD Player opinions?



I have a KV32FX66 Televsion and a STR-DB1080 amp with Mission Speakers. I cannot decide on a DVD player. I would rather stick with Sony as all my HC stuff is Sony.

DVPNS-305 - Cheap but good enough?
DVPNS-705 - Seems the sensible Choice - but worth the xtra?
DVPNS-905 - Bit over pre-x-mas budget - but worth the lots xtra?

I basically dont want to spend ££'s on the rest only to get a DVD player that doesn't compliment it:confused: Is there much difference between the images produced by these? I dont need MP3 playback etc.



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For a 32 inch tv the 705 should be good enough. However, how long to you intend to keep your player before upgrading? The reason is you only have a 32 inch tv. That's how I started, 20 inch 4:3, then 32 widescreen, then 52 widescreen, then 141 widescreen. I originally had not intended to go this way, but nevertheless I did. So if you could end up going this way go for the 905.
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