DVD Player not responding to remote


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My Toshiba SD-63HK no longer responds to the remote control - making it pretty much useless.

I've replaced the batteries and I know the remote works fine as I can operate my Toshiba tv and other tosh dvd player with it.

Anybody got any ideas what the problem is



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I know you've probably checked this, but some DVD players have a key lock function that will disable all functions on the remote and the front panel. This can only be removed by clearing the key lock by the key lock button on the remote. I have an older off brand (cheap) DVD in my second system and it has this feature. It could also be that the Infra red pickup in the DVD player has died and is not recognising the I/R signal. If you have one of those "Universal" remotes you might try that on your player and see if it works.


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Thanks for the reply Greg

There is no mention of a lock feature in the manual and the front panel buttons still work.

I guess your right that the I/R sensor on the player has fried;

I'll have to find out if its worth repairing



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