DVD Player makes screen to 4:3 mode when switched on (Sony KV32CS70)

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Paul Cooksley, Dec 7, 2004.

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    Hi there

    Just a minor niggle that I don't know how to sort out.

    I have just purchased a Sony 32" CRT model number KV32CS70. I am very pleased with the picture quality and it is a vast improvement over my 32 " CRT Panasonic that I only owned for a month due to "dirty screen" issues and colour purity problems in the corner of the screen....

    Anyway, I digress....

    When watching either Freeview or analouge in either Smart mode or Widescreen, I have noticed that when I turn on my DVD player the screen goes to 4:3 mode on AV1 when the DVD player is recognised. This also happens on AV2 (where I have my DVD recorder set up) - Obviously, I just change the picture ratio on the remote, so it's not a big problem in anyway..

    I have made sure on the DVD player and recorder that the picture ratio is set to 16:9 so it looks like it's something to do with the television rather than the recorder/player.

    I just really wondered if anyone know's why this might happen and is there anyway to set up AV1/2 to automatically stay or go into 16:9 mode when the DVD player/recorder is switched on rather than the 4:3 default that it seems currently stuck in

    Any help really appreciated



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