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I am in the situation where the space in my TV stand is simply not enough for what I have, which is a Yamaha receiver, Sony DVD player (quite old) and a Sky+ box.

However I now have a Sonos ZonePlayer which I'd like to get in there too, but alas I have no space. Buying another rack is not an option, so what I'd like to do is replace my aging DVD player and amp with an all in one solution....

I understand the Denon DHT500SD is a very capable system, and is just the right size for me. I don't need HiDef outputs, or 7.1 surround, just enough to enjoy 5.1 DVDs on a normal telly.

However, my question is, is it possible to get hold of these players without the bundled speakers? I have a set of JBL SCS something or others, and would be happy to use them with the new dvd/amp, so it'd seem a waste to buy the whole kit....



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