DVD player in my PC and Regions?


david park

Hope this is correct place.

Engineer been to my PC today and replaced the faulty DVD/CD drive, a Philips.
It is now busy counting the num,ber of Region 1 and 2 DVDs I play, when I've played 5 of either which ever comes first it will set its self at that.

Can I stop this process or make it multi-region?


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I found this on Microsoft's site:


This seems to backup what you were saying although it does it via a registry key rather than on the drive itself.

In addition to this you can change the drive's firmware region setting and this you can only do 5 times.

I think there are various software tools around to make DVD drives region but didn't post any links here in case it broke the forum rules.


Vonzack said:
I use some software called AnyDVD, which makes your drive and OS region free.
Me too. Also DVDClone by the same company. Allows you to rip DVD's to your hard drive :smashin:


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If you do a search online for the make and model of your drive, you may able to re-flash the firmware to make it multi-region. It will have the same effect as using background software but is permanent and more convenient.


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Only flash upgrade your DVD ROM drive if you have to or know what you're doing. Get it wrong and your fubar it permanently.

Check out DVD Region free + CCS. This is a nice piece of software that sits between your DVD drive and your DVD playback software and lies to them. It allow multi-region playback and disables macrovsion for those using projectors etc.

It also allow you to jump directly to the main menu on playback and avoid all the copyright jive and pervasive adds etc.

It will also assist you with DVD back up via software such as DVD Shrink (for legit use only :smashin: ).

It costs £20 but it's alifetime licence your buying.



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