DVD player in a SCART daisychain


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I usually lurk in the Plasma forum, but as this is more of a DVD query,
thought it'd be better in here...

I've got a chain of devices linked with SCART cables. In order, I have my
Panny display, linked into my Samsung NTL box, then a Panny VCR then
last of all, into a Panny RV-31 DVD player.

I get no picture from the DVD player in this linkup, and the manual does
mention issues regarding copy protection, which I understand.

As the DVD player has just one SCART connector, it must go on the end of
the chain, so can i turn the copy protection or whatever it is, off?

Failing that, does anyone have a better suggestion, as im manually
swapping cables over when i need to watch a DVD...


not too sure on the problem at fault. a way around would be the JS Master Scart Controller which might solve your problems


this is the cheapest place i could find it (i believe the price is inc. delivery and VAT)

Home Cinema best buy, WhatVideo best buy (details here:

very high quality build, automatic switcher with essentially lossless picture quality. supports RGB. this way you could plug the NTL box (with the VCR daisy chained to it) and the DVD player into the switcher with the output running into your display

hope this helps

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