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    Howdy again,

    im having quite a dilemma choosing a new dvd player for my grundig xentia set.

    its only rgb scart....and no prog scan, so I was thinking a Denon 2900.., however I can get a 2800mk2 for almost half the cost of the 2900...and now have come across the Denon 1600, and harmon Kardon dvd25

    the one main reason I list these players, is because here in australia...they are pretty much the only poeple supporting rgb scart (everything else is component)

    now at the moment, im running via a pioneer dv-s737 (on s-video), which has done me well over the years, but lack of rgb scart on it has forced me to upgrade. (as a side note, I used to use the 737 on a loewe xelos, via component, which looked great)

    so the question is, which is the better buy? is the 2900 worth the exrta over the others, even though I dont use prog scan?

    long winded I know, but hopefully some of you can share some thoughts on this,



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