DVD Player dead 1 month outside Guarante


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Hi guys I need some help my panasonic dvd player has died on me 1 month past the 5 year guarante. I had planned on buying something special for my next dvd player but then I was not thinking of replacing it for a year or two. Iam not to bitter because Ive used it everyday for five years now The problem is I have very little funds £150 - £200 absolute tops as Ive just been on holiday and Iam buying my first house in June.

can anyone give me some advice I usually buy Panasonic cause i find them to be of excellant quality Ive also been impressed by my pioneer reciever but Iam not adverse to considering other makes. I would like to replace as soon as possible below is a list of features i need.

1. Multi region I have more than 200 Region 1s so this is a must
2. Digital outs prefer optical as i have optical cable already
3. Audio outs as i use it as my cd player as well

Its been so long since Ive looked at DVD technology i dont know where to start anymore!
Advice Please


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Sony 730 is a nice, cheap (£150 or less) unit but gives NTSC & PAL progressive with a coax and optical output .. I had one feeding a Z2 pj and it worked well on R1 and R2, though I never tried an R1 RCE disk AFAICR.


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Richersounds usually are unbeatable in terms of Japanese branded base dvd players.


Yamaha DV-S540 for £99, multi-reg, s-video, scart, good ntsc&pal prog scan via component, coax & optical, analogues out, mp3 playback, jpeg, plays dvd -/+ r/rw's, very very good picture and sound.

Toshiba SD-330 for only £68, also being replaced by the 340 late spring, but still extremely good picture and sound with s-video, scart, component in, coax & optical, analogue outs, mp3 & wma playbacks.

Pioneer DV-360 for only £63, came out last year and should be replaced late summer, but still very good with s-video, scart, coax & optical, analogues out, mp3 & wma playback, jpegs, and can play dvd-r/dvd-rw's, very good picture and sound.

If you don't need progressive scan function and have no intention to go that route in the future, and you want a basic big brand player that has good picture, sound and connections and plays original dvd disks, I would definitely go for the Toshiba.



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Cheers for the advice Ive started to narrow it down so far Ive looked in more detail at

SONY DVP-NS730 £150
DENON DVD700 £130
PIONEER DV565 £152

Is there anyway of finding out which has the best sound and picture or will the difference be un noticable with my current equipment? I am using a Panasonic Quintrix 28" and a Pioneer 7.1 Reciever with Wharfdale Diamond speakers

Out of the models above I like them for different reasons:
The Denon 700 because of the buffer memory feature.
The Panny F65 because it has 5 discs (Hey so Iam a lazy bastard )
The Pioneer and Sony because it plays + and - R/RW
Thanks again:)

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