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    I was lucky enough to be given a Panasonic 26" TV for Christmas (TX26LXD60). I'm thrilled with the picture quality watching sport (my main reason for watching tv) is now truly fantastic.

    The TV is hooked up to Sky with a cheap scart cable. I also have a very cheap and old (2 years) Aiwa dvd player also with a cheap scart cable. I have a reasonable hifi setup and the quality of such a setup is improved no end by using quality cables.So assuming the same is true with tv and video, I would appreciate any feedback on the following:

    1) I don't want to go overboard in buying a new Scart Cable (£40 max) would such a cable, which I guess is still very much a budget cable improve picture quality much?

    2) The TV has a component in, and the sky box has scart rgb out. Is it possible to get a scart (from sky) to component (tv) cable and if so would this improve the picture quality

    I''m tempted to get a new DVD player (budget no more than £100). The two I like the look of are the Panasonic DVDS1 (around £50 leaving a budget of around £50 for a component cable) or the SONY DVPNS76 (around a £100 but has hdmi).

    3) Picture wise am I better off getting the Panasonic DVD player and spending more on the cables or should I spend more and go for the Sony with a budget hdmi cable.

    I look forward to hearing your valued opinions.

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    My advice would be to go for the Sony DVP-76H. I'm using this with a Molex cable that costs £16 for a 2metre length and have been very pleased with the results. You can get this from The Media Factory at http://www.tmfsolutions.co.uk/homecinema_molex.htm. One advantage of HDMI seems to be that budget cables give much better results than component or scart at the same price point. Indeed, some people have been happy with even cheaper HDMI cables than mine.

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