DVd Player choice question


david park

My new Panasonic AE500 projector is showing up my supermarket cheapo Pacific player.
Do not wish to spend silly money on a replacement.
I require multi region and progressive scan, on Pal as well.

Looked at Richer Sounds web site as all thier players are MR, and thier prices are good.

2 of the cheapest are the Yamaha DVDS540, but it's
available in store only, and Marantz DV4300.
Those of you that have these are you happy with them?
If I get the choice when I go to the store which is the better?
If not liked by you, your next best please.


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I have the 540 and like it, although I bought it as my 565 is dodgy with R1 RGB.
It is a no frills dual prog scan machine easily made multiregion and solved my above problem.
On my standard tv the PQ is great, some have complained of ghosting with PS, but it seems some kit will not work with each other.
Is your 500 DVI compliant? If so why not start looking for a suitable player( Samsung 935 £135 ) but again CHECK what resolutions each display, I have read of upscaling mis matches causing line structure and judder problems.


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Originally posted by sapper44
Connected my 500 to the samsung 935 using the dvi connection and the pic quality was stunning.Pj output was hdtv60 which I think is 1080 lines.So I would recommend a dvd player with div connections to get the best out of panny.


david park

Samsung HD935
Who has stock and at what price?
My internet search shows no one has it.

david park

How long are your cables between the Samsung DVD and the Panasonic AE500 when useing this DVI connector?

When useing component I have 10 mtrs, but might have to extend by a couple of mtrs more.


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tosh 530e £120 at richer sounds, pal progressive and MR, also dvd audio, absolute bargain

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