DVD player blowing fuses!



Hi I have a Toshiba model SD-1700 DVD player that went dead one night as I was moving it from one location to another .
I opened up the unit and replaced the 125V 1.6 amp fuse with a 250v 1.6 amp (all they had @ radioshack).
But as soon as I power the unit it on it blows the fuse immediately.

Any ideas suggestions?

I am past my 90 day parts & labor warranty so if I bring it to the shop my 1 year warranty only covers parts! And I was told it could run me between 80-125 dollars as a minimum!

Can the unit be salvaged?


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a short circuit in the power supply ! your chopper transister will be short circuit.or your rectifier diodes might be short.or a dried up cap,the only way to find out is with a meter.you can test it cold (not plugged in ) e mail me for more details ...it won,t cost much £5.00 in parts graham

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