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I currently have a Panasonic DVDA160 MR modified from new - its about 3 years old now.

It plays ALL films, any region, RCE etc, without any problems...

It does not have RGB or component output, and I thought that by upgrading i would get a higher quality picture output - and also improve the quality of sound when playing cds and movies.

What are the thoughts on this - how much would i need to spend to get a noticable difference in picture, sound for movies and cd playback? And what players should i look at?

What i am concerned about is that since my current player handles all types of discs currently, i dont want to take a backwards step and be stuck with films that i cant play - for example the new spiderman and new RCE?





I had the same concerns when changing my old but reliable Pioneer DV505,I think its fair to say RCE has been well licked by now and you shouldn't have any problems.

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