DVD playback stops every third minute



Hi There,

Well I’ve made (another) stupid investment. After getting tired off the problems with my old Kiss DP-1500 I thought that it was time to join the “MCE-wave”. So I forked € 2.000 out on a tiny Shuttle-X media center – hmmmmm, it wasn’t impressive, it froze from time to time, dvd play-back stopped once in a while, and the Hauppauge 500 tuner was more or less useless. Bur my dealer told me to wait until Vista game out, which would solve all my problems. So finally my Vista Home Premium was in the mail. It solved most of my problems, but it gave a bigger one! I just can’t watch DVDs anymore – playback freezes every second or third minute - and catches up again for a minute or two – then it freezes again – and so on and so on! I can see the my harddrive spins when the DVD freezes – when then harddrive stops spinning, then the DVD catches up again.

Shall I dump the MCE in the ocean next me – or have any of you an idea of what can be wrong ??




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Why did you ever put up with the problems this long? Your dealer should either fix it or given you a refund. The hassles that people have with Media Center are commonly because they have built their own. There is no excuse for for problems when you have paid someone for a fully working product. You wouldn't put up with a TV or DVD player with such problems.


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You need to tell us more about the PC; what spec is it; what graphics card does it have; what DVD decoder software is installed.

Previous poster is right though; dealer should sort this out, they sold you a pup


hi nigelbb and hermannmunster,
Thanks for reply: yes I should have returned the shix long ago :mad:.
But too late now- soooo I'll format the drive, make a clean Vista install, various drivers for motherboard and the NVidia 6600 card - and see what happens :)

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