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im not sure where this topic should go so i went with general chat as it didnt seem to quite fit anywhere else....

my gf is got an ASUS laptop without much of anything software wise on it... she has a dvd drive but no dvd playback software... the typical powerdvd software cost money to get hold of and i was hoping somebody might be able to point me in the direction of some good free to download software that will do the trick... all she wants to be able to do is watch a movie on her laptop so the most basic of software is all that's needed.........

any ideas?


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VLC is what I use. Supports every format and codec under the sun

google it

I believe there was a thread a week ago where other suggestions were made

While I'm at it, if you ever want to playback quicktime or real video files, use Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative software. I personally don't like Apple and Real putting spyware on my PC...I don't care what spin they put on it to justify it. Mini-rant over :p


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LFC_SL said:
VLC is what I use. Supports every format and codec under the sun
Agree with that, its very good.
Plays everything, not had a file that won't play on it.


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seems a suitable thread to ask what is the recommended dvd recording software, been recommended Nero express v6 or 7 - thought i'd ask opinns on this forum - any others, free or others/

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