DVD playback probs....


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Have just gone down the raod of trying to use PC for DVD playback..
Connected to Aldi 27" LCD by DVI @ 1366x768 and are seeing jerky slight
stuttering when using DVDs..using as 9800pro..
Could this be a timing time that Powerstrip could get around or
maybe a fresh install could be due...would rather not as just got
HL2 back up and running...very cool at 1366x768, but a new vid card
could be on the cards(6800GT very tempting)


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The most common cause of jerkiness which you seem to be describing ('slight') is caused by the refresh rate, particularly noticeable on long, wide pans. There are many other possible causes but this is a reasonable first guess.

If you're playing PAL material you need to set the refresh at a multiple of 25Hz, typically 50Hz is used though 75hz will also work. Setting 50hz is possible with the latest nVidia drivers, ATI still doesn't support custom res. AFAIK so Powerstrip is what you need, as you suspected.


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If the panel is at 60hz...surly it will only display at this...its the
only selectable frequency in the Cat control center, have yet to
try out Powerstrip(used it before for the AE100)
Must have a look at my brothers 6800Ultra settings, before thinking
about changing cards..


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If the panel only accpets 60hz then AFAIK there's nothing you can do about it, I admit I was presuming your panel could accept other rates.

The latest nVidia Control Panel doesallow entering of custom rates, however I found Powerstrip still had features that made it useful even with an nVidia.

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