DVD playback problems


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I'm running Theatertek and I'm having problems with DVD playback skipping a couple of frames every now and then. It tends to happen every few minutes and is damn annoying as you lose a bit of sound as well so if it happens when someone is speaking you lose speech :( It's almost as if it's trying to catch up with itself or something. This happens if the DVD is played back from the DVDROM or the HDD.

It happens at 848x480 and 720x576.

I've just re-installed my SB5.1 drivers, no joy. ACPI has been reinstalled as "Advanced Configuration Power Interface PC" instead of ACPI Uniprocessor.

Also occasionally the sound will just drop and I'll see the receiver show no audio type then back to DD but with no sound. Pausing / resuming playback resolves this but it's annoying and will happen 3-4 times in a film :(


Athlon XP2100+
512MB PC2700
Radeon 9200SE
Sb 5.1 (running via SPDIF to Marantz SR6200)


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