DVD playback on RDRHXD870

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    Hi all
    I've just bought an 870 and so far I'm well impressed - only weird thing I can't put my finger on is that when playing back a DVD (home burned or commercial) the output defaults to 4:3 format.

    The freeview output works perfectly and so does the Sky signal piped through, but for some reason DVD output jumps to 4:3 even when the material is clearly not.

    Is there a setting somewhere to force the output to 16:9? At the moment I have to cycle through modes on the TV to correct it, which is an inconvenience to say the least!

    Aside from that, it works great! Have to say that the dvd picture is WAY better than my five year old Pioneer, and it's only at SD!

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    Have you checked your playback settings? Page 144 in the handbook?

    If your using the SCART connection then by measuring the voltage on PIN 8 would indicate if the HXD-870 were signalling a 16:9 If so it should be 6v

    Might also be handby if you could poste the S/W versions that your machine is operating with - you may have discovered a new bug!

    To find your software versions

    For digital decoder: you should find it under the menu options for:

    inital setup / options / software update.

    However for the version of operating system running on your machine use:

    initial setup / autoout / dolby digital output / dolby digital & then press "9" on your remote. This will reveal the "hidden" version of your operating system.

    I have to say if your machine is with either 1.54 or 1.44 then you could verywell find that when you try to set timers especially 6,7 & 8 days in advance using the Digital EPG that the programs won't be recorded.

    This appears to be a bug in the S/W that SONY appear to be having a great difficulty in accepting.

    I hope my post has been of use :)

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