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I'v had a DVD rom plugged into my computer for some months but only recently decided to use it (to view the dvd extras whilst watching the main feature on the big screen) but on downloading several dvd viewers, found that the majority had problems with macrovision rendering the disc unwatchable , Can any pc users recommend the best dvd viewer available?


I'm using ZoomPlayer with CinePlayer 1.5 filters. Have no problem at all -> great picture quality. But I'm only playing R2 disks.


Have you checked the DMA box? What is the rest of your hardware setup?


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Yep. As above, Power dvd and ensure DMA is enabled.


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Thanks for the advice guys, after having no luck with several players (practically all had problems with Macrovision), I downloaded the latest version of Powerdvd and was immediatley impressed by its quality and performance, best of all, it plays everything I can throw at it!
With my Videologic sonicfury 5.1 sound card and my hercules xp510 speaker system, the sound is superb - now all I need is a 21 inch monitor!:) :) :) :)

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