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Jan 5, 2004
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I've been having fun watching various DVDs on my Sanyo Z2 projector from a Sony 730 on prog scan. All was very well until yesterday, when I sat down with Mrs B to watch "The Abyss" Special Edition (R2). Picture quality was fine except from time to time there would be a kind of horizontal jaggedness in small areas of the screen, almost like a set of horizontal, electronic tears in the fabric of the image. Hard to describe but really ugly to look at. Having said that I don't think Mrs B noticed.

I double checked that the player was on prog scan forced film mode rather than auto, and it was. It wasn't the right time to play with the set-up since we were in watching mode. Is this just a really bad disk? Anyone else seen anything similar?

I have watched a dozen DVDs of both regions (always on prog scan) since I got the PJ and they have all been fine.


Well, I think I have: Hollow Man, R2, D1. This is a rather poor conversion from 480i60 to 576i50, done as interlaced and leaving both 3-2 pulldown, blur and interlacing artifacts in the image. Good job, Sony! :zonked:

The Abyss may be the same deal, a poor conversion from 480i60 rather than a genuine, respectable 576p telecine transfer. Wasn't The Abyss released relatively early in the R2 DVD history?
or it just the onboard deinterlacer giving you motion artifacts.
due to not reading the progressive flagging of the disc properly
But I'm feeding it prog scan so there shouldn't be any onboard deinterlacing, should there?
No i meant the dvd player. also if you have only used a small screen before you will probaly see things you never noticed were there.

its not the disc as such(ie direct fault), as ive seen some plasmas do the same with tv broadcasts and sky.

but blow that up to an even bigger screen and it looks alot worse
Mmm but I thought flagging shouldn't be an issue since I've told it that it is a film rather than video. Or have I misunderstood... probably!

As far as I'm aware, the 730 uses a cadence-based rather than flag-reading deinterlacer. This means that badly flagged material shouldn't cause a problem. What may cause a problem is if there is a discontinuity in the tele-cine process; this could cause the player to comb for a short while, until it reacquires the correct phasing of the 2-2 pulldown. If this is the case, I would expect the problems to occur on chapter boundaries; was this the case?

I'll have to check again this evening. I'd be interested to know if anyone has seen the same things with this DVD (it was part of the very cheap Aliens/Abyss/Fifth Element box (£7.99 after discount at Splash DVD!).

I also have a Pioneer DVD player that I can try it on, although that doesn't have component out.

I'll report back with my findings...


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