DVD picture too dark when played on PS3


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I have just got a PS3 and hooked up to my 37C3035D with HDMI. The picture is way too dark when playing DVD's. Watching A v P 2 which is mostly in the dark and scenes like when the lady Predator finds the crashed ship with her hubby in its completely dark and you lose whats going on onscreen. Tried a few other DVD's and they seem too dark.

Watching Sky, and DVD's through my Pioneer DV600 are fine, same disc and levels are good so I doubt its the TV settings. I've noticed if I use RGB it is darker than Yc x whatever. So best I can get is to not use RGB but even then its quite appalling.

Any ideas ?

I also note the PS3 detects my display as 1080p which its not its 1080i which is odd too. Setting it to 1080i manually makes no difference to the brightness.


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I'm having a similar issue with a 32" version of that model, except I have an xbox360. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good overall display/picture setting for this TV without jeopardising special visual and lighting effects in both games and dvd. My console is set to display 1080p and Im using a HDMI cable. I'm assuming you have tried adjusting the display settings on the tv Varkanoid?


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Yeah but then sky and everthing else is too bright.

I setup the Tosh as per the thread regarding best settings for this model range.

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