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can someone please help with a problem my brother
has got with is dvd player.
when watching a dvd there is a ghosting of a tv channel
so i removed the aerial and it went away.
except now the picture is more like a composite signal
i.e very pixelated
the player is configured for rgb
so how does removing the aerial change the picture?

tv=panasonic txdk1c
dvd=panasonic dvdrv32bs


that's a problem with most of the panasonic tv's
rgb is sh...y on panasonic because tuner is not isolated and induce noise (or ghost picture) to the rgb input and the only advice i can give you (except getting rid of the tv) is to put your dvd video output for svideo and use the rear scart (usually the second one) that can accept s video signal, colour will bleed a "litlle" but details will be sharper and you won't have ghost picture or "noise"
(well not so much as for rgb input)

and for the other inputs and to diminish the rgb/noise.ghost problem, enter a free channel (for example 98 for me)
put no real tv channel on it but save it, and before you 'll use a input, put this channel for the tuner, it worked for me


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I must be one of the lucky ones has my Panasonic PG30 has great RGB with no ghosting and a pin sharp picture. The only probs I have are slight geometry errors which result in a slight bend on the bottom and top of the picture. I can't get them straight even tried some settings in the engineers menu but don't know what some mean so can't try them.

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