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DVD Pat Metheny "We LIve Here." errors

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by mmarinello1, May 12, 2005.

  1. mmarinello1


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    I bought the DVD Pat Metheny "We LIve Here." It won't play in my home audio DVD player, but it does play in my 2 DVD PC players. I had many discusions with John Pictaggi at Image Entertainment, and they sent me another one with the same problem. My friend Doug bought one also and the same problem, won't play in all DVD players and cannot burn the whole DVD. Can only burn the first 10 tracks. Can someone run the video thru DVD shrink, a free software program. The video error from tracks 13-23. For example: Track 15=This is Not America, part of the interview from track 13 with Armando Marcal is on the bottom of the picture. 90 percent track 15 and 10 percent track 13. Well, Image Entertainment sent me a Steely Dan DVD as an exchange. They did exchange for the same DVD 1st, but it had the same defect. If you ever get a DVD that won't play in your DVD player, then it is possible it will play in another player. I found out that by using DVDshrink does great analysis to determine the problem.

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