DVD Pacific



just used them for the first time, and i've got to say i am really, really impressed.
Buffy season 1-5 inc delivery for £93.
pirates of the caribbean, school of rock(despatched 16/2/04), kill bill(not yet sent), spirited away, kikis delivery service, princess mononoke and my neighbour totoro for £75 inc delivery .
Paid no import taxon them either.



dvdpacific are great - some seriously cheap prices

have got a massive wishlist of stuff to buy when i get paid at end of month.

their porn dvd's are cheap as well

the last package i got from them was marked 20 dollars so i never paid the customs charge - this was for £50 worth !

Dan Smiffy

I ditto Mr Cheesy and everything else said above. I presume they're so cheap because they are an American company supplying (in the main) American customers who are used to paying a tenner for brand-new releases and less money for older titles not more, unlike us poor ripped-off Brits? Standard postage time is not bad either - 8 or 9 days - especially when you've a stack of unwatched (and unopened) discs already on the shelves and so are not chomping at the bit for the latest order to arrive. I recommend using their "Power Search" facility, choose a fave genre and specify "Members Price" (not that you need to be a member) from 0 to 6 quid. When I run that for Horror / Sci Fi / Fantasy it reports 1200-odd discs, of which at least 200 are titles I've heard about or have wanted to own at some point when I'm rich enough - but now I don't have to wait! :) To stay Customs-safe (I'm scared of my postman) I've only ever ordered DVDs from them in batches of 2 or 3 so their screen value + postage stays a few quid short of £18-00. But I've noted the contents value stamp never seems to deviate from $20 no matter what's in the jiffy (except one package had the $20 stamp crossed out and replaced with $5?!) If dvdpacific put the same stamp on all orders (like Movietyme's and their "optical media avg. value under $18" statement?), I reckon I've found a new preferred importer!


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The holiday might be over, folks. :( I agree, DVD Pacific are excellent, but they have now been told by UK Customs that thay must declare the correct shipment value on the outside of the packaging, as have DVD Soon. Just make sure you keep your shipments below £18. The extra shipping charges are not as much as you would have to pay if you get charged by UK Customs. ;)

Dan Smiffy

Simon's right d'oh! After writing the above I emailed DVDPacific re- their declared value stamp and they've just replied to say the same, that UK Customs had indeed been in touch :(. So keep below £18 to stay Customs-Safe as above - when buying discs in pairs or threes then P&P works out at a quid or so extra per disc - still plenty cheaper than many other online places 'cos they're priced for poor pauper Americans rather than we cash-stuffed Brits! ;)

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