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I need to go out and buy a DVD writter this weekend but one thing still puzzles me.

They can all do DVD+/- and obviously, I need to buy either +/- media but which one should I go for?

I assume that any PC with a DVD ROM drive can read either.

But what about if I want to create a video DVD to play on the Tosh DVD player under the TV?

And what about if I want to burn a video DVD for the inlaws who have a £29 cheap thing from Tesco?

Any clues?

Iain Shields

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Click the link and enter the model number of your player and it should come up with what media is compatable with your machine...


Hope this helps you out mate.


Harry T

I think the easy answer to your question is, "Whatever is on special".

I would be very suprised if the `el cheapo' didn't accept any disk that was thrown at it. And most Toshiba's accept both formats, but some have not liked the +R format.

Usually, the cheapest disks are more prone to failure, and Ritek disks give an excellent balance between performance and cost.
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