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I am hoping someone can explain this to me. I just bought a Samsung HL-R5667W Widescreen tv.

*When I watch the Olympics in widescreen HD(on input mode 16:9), it fills the whole screen.

*When I put in a widescreen DVD(on input mode 16:9), it stretches the picture and has bars at the top and bottom.

*When I try the DVD in 4:3 input mode, it has bars on the top and on the sides, but atleast it is not stretched.

How do I get the DVD to fill the whole screen in widescreen?


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1: Ensure your DVD player is set to TV shape = wide or 16x9 or whatever.
2: Expect that some films, which were originally shot in the wider-than-widescreen ratio (often 22x9 or 2.35:1) will not fill the screen.
3: Expect that some/few films will not be encoded on the DVD as 16x9 anyway and will need you to "zoom" on the TV.
3: If the screen width is filled, and objects in the film are the correct shape (i.e. circles are round, people aren't too tall or fat, etc etc) then all is well.

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